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Full Version: We Will Achieve!
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Not much of an announcement, but I wanted to give a short message to anyone who shows up on this site. 
With development chuggin' along, I believe it will be soon when we will have to consider how we're going to advertise this community, as well as how we plan on funding it. Currently, we are using a "free" web hosting service. It costs ~$10 a year to run, but doesn't allow many fun toys. We have to be very careful at the moment with data usage.


I implore everyone to reach out to your friends and bring them over here. I want to make this the next big platform for RP, and I can't do this alone. We will be looking for staff to help make this project a grand success. Until such a time when we can have a more cohesive community and in depth application, I request anyone wishing to help PM me a short essay with your qualifications and ideas on how we can make this the best RP community on the internet. Thank you!